An overview of Pro Interlink Resources products.
Pro Interlink Resources covers the following Services:

  • Retained Search

    This is our favored method of approach. It is dedicated to providing candidates, based on the strict search criteria that our client sets. We take into account not only core skills required, but also corporate culture, location, qualification, personality, types of organization and industrial skills / experience.

    The major source of candidates for this type of service is Direct Search (head­hunting). The benefits:

    • Individuals are specifically targeted in accordance to our clients’ criteria.
    • Candidates on short-list are pre-selected, briefed on the role, thus avoiding “shoppers” and non-motivated candidates.
    • Ability to approach candidates who perhaps have not considered moving.  Creation of a professional perception of our clients on the market.

    Confidentiality of the search.

    Our Terms of Business for search assignments always include prepayment (Retainer), payable prior to our starting the search activities, and Placement Fee, payable to us on the first day of the successful candidate’s starting his/her employment with our client. Depending on each particular assignment the Placement Fee may also be split into two parts: candidate Shortlist Fee (payable after the result of the search has been provided to the client) and the Placement Fee itself.

    Depending on each particular assignment, the techniques of Direct Search may be combined with Advertised Selection, which will be agreed upon between us and the client, prior to executing the search.

    The Retained Search usually takes between three and five weeks until the presentation of the shortlist, but will in any case continue until the suitable candidate is found and placed with our client.

  • Exclusive Advertised & Database Selection

    A widely used option where the position is not confidential and where the client would like to create a perception of their corporation and product. It promotes a wide response from various candidates and can cover large geographic areas quickly.

    Whereas the client will be charged for advertising costs, no Retainer is charged on the condition that we are the sole agency working this particular assignment (exclusivity clause).

    Combined with advertised selection, we match our client’s criteria with the details of potential candidates currently existing on our Candidate Database.

  • Advertised Selection

    Pro Interlink Resources would provide the design and copy of the advertising. Our relations with the various media in the PRC would secure a discount passed on to the client, and also the best possible space.

    Our vast experience and track record provides us with the ability to work quickly with large responses and to pre-select.

    The benefits:

    • well written advertisements will generate only those individuals motivated to move with the necessary skills.
    • pre-selection from the “long-list” will ensure maximizing time on short-listed candidates.
  • Database Selection

    A method used internationally by recruitment organizations to deliver a candidate’s Curriculum Vitae to interested clients. Pro Interlink Resources uses the database method on a reactive basis. Since we develop strong relationships with our client and are aware of their needs on a constant basis, the Database Selection is used to provide candidates who meet those constant needs.

    More importantly, the Database Selection provides our clients with the ability to engage in competitor analysis on a variety of issues: Compensation and Benefits. Salary levels and trends in Human Resources.

    The benefits:

    • constant pool of information on various sectors, levels of individuals
    • a permanent “look-out” for non-urgent candidates that a client has a registered interest in
    • ability to benchmark internal and external candidates for the client Depending on each particular assignment, Exclusive Advertised Selection and/or Database Selection takes from one to two weeks until the shortlist presentation.
  • Non-exclusive Database Selection

    This method is employed in cases when the client wishes only to use our extensive candidate Database in order to see whether there are any possible matches for its candidate criteria.

    In this case, no retainer is charged and the client pays our full Placement Fee upon the first day of the candidate’s employment with the client.

    It usually takes three full days to search our database.

    As with the previous types of our service, Pro Interlink Resources will personally interview the candidates before presenting them to the client.

  • Guarantees

    For every Retained Search undertaken by Pro Interlink Resources, we automatically provide the following three guarantees:

    All candidates placed by Pro Interlink Resources are guaranteed for a period of three months. In effect this means that should any candidate placed by us subsequently be released by the client at any time during this period, then we will source a replacement free of charge. This guarantee also applies in the event of the individual leaving the client of his/her own free will during this period.

    The client is guaranteed freedom from direct search activities by Pro Interlink Resources during, and for a period of one year following the completion of the assignment.

    Pro Interlink Resources guarantees to maintain strict confidentiality over all matters related to the client and its operations.

  • Ethics Code

    In addition and surpassing our Guarantees listed above, Pro Interlink Resources has established and has been following a strict Ethics Code that will be appreciated both by our Clients and Candidates. The Ethics Code will apply to all our business counterparts no matter which type of service they choose.

    All communication and business between ourselves, Clients and Candidates is carried out in a strict confidential and professional manner, meaning:

    No information about the Client will be disclosed to the Candidate without prior approval of the Client; The name of the Client will be withheld from any potential candidates until clearance is obtained from the Client to disclose its name;

    No information about a Candidate will be disclosed to the Client until permission has been granted by the Candidate to disclose this information. When we are collecting confidential references on a Candidate, the latter is informed about the fact that we are doing that;

    Under no circumstances shall Pro Interlink Resources induce a Candidate to leave his/her current employer until a new job offer has been delivered and signed by our Client, as well as agreed to and signed by that Candidate;

    Under no circumstances will Pro Interlink Resources approach a placed Candidate;

    Pro Interlink Resources will maintain strict confidentiality and special care when passing any information about our Candidates to our Clients, so that all detailed and specific information such as salary details will be delivered to one specified person only working on behalf of our Client;

    Under no circumstances will Pro Interlink Resources approach, consult or in any way assist an employee of the current retained Client company to change jobs, in accordance with the “hands-off policy provided by our Guarantee;

    Pro Interlink Resources will in all cases advise its Clients to abide by free opportunities and no-racial-discrimination rules generally adopted by civilized societies, meaning that Candidate criteria shall not include any reference to the Candidate’s race. age, nationality, citizenship, sex or any other personal characteristics unless such restrictions are influential factors in his/her ability to do the job. Likewise Pro Interlink Resources will never reject any candidate based on his or her personal factors such as race. sex, nationality, religion, marital status, children, age or other personal qualities.