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Be one step ahead of your employer!


In an ever more competing business environment, employers have high expectations of their new staff. Job interviews are becoming more difficult to pass and more rounds are often necessary. Employers select and evaluate you not only on the basis of your CV or previous working experience, but also on your personal characteristics, soft skills and competencies. Your next boss wants to know how you will communicate and interact with other members in your team and in your dealings with customers and managers.


You have the desire to work in an international company.
You report to a foreign national manager and communicate on a daily basis with colleagues in the corporate headquarters overseas.
Obviously you want to succeed.Cultural differences play a role in the hiring process.
Communication with all parties concerned needs to be running smoothly.
The bottom line is: you must be well prepared!


Test yourself.

To test yourself is to know yourself. And know how your potential new employer evaluates you during interviews or in the event that the company is organising a testing session as part of the selection process.

  • You participate in a personality and character profile test, and a communication style test, on-line.
  • Our experts will evaluate your test results with you in a face-to-face follow-up meeting.


When you are prepared for what the outcome of your job interview is likely to be, you are in control. And that will turn your job interview into a great success.

For more than 20 years, our experts have specialised in the areas of talent development and behavioural interviewing, within international organisations. We have developed a unique set of tests relating to character & personality, motivation, competences & talents, and communication styles, to the benefit of individuals, their teams and the entire organisation. Our on-line testing system is there to serve you in a well-organised, timesaving and user-friendly fashion, and helps you to get one step ahead of your next employer.

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